Sketchnotes of KIKK Festival

Think outside the ordinary. You never know where you might go – Dominic Wilcox

I had a fantastic time at KIKK 2018 festival this year. This is the first time I randomly met soooo many awesome people and had some very interesting conversations. Here are some of my personal sketchnotes of a few of the talks I attended. My personal take away from all the talks was the importance of observing the mundane to discover deep meaning about ourselves and our surroundings. And oh… analog will never go out of fashion 🙂

I enjoyed Dominic Wilcox’ talk. I even grabbed a copy of his book. Shame I didn’t get his autograph. Check out the book “The LIttle Inventors”

I love Stefanie Posavec’s analog approach to data. Check out her book “Dear Data”
Brendan Dawes’ playful approach is so refreshing. What is there not to love about his “Happines Machine”?

You can read Jenny Odell’s talk here:

Nelly Ben Hayoun is a force of nature! OMG! This person is shaking up the world in an awesome way.

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