TEAM CONNECTION an approach to bring teams together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork through creative activities.

Imagine the impact we could make with our team if we established a heart-to-heart connection. To see our team as a rich resource of knowledge where we can learn from each other, connecting us to unknown opportunities and inspiring us to continuously learn to evolve and adapt to change. We could dream bigger together.

The approach

We shall build trust through exploration and expression together in a creative way. We’ll experience a creative collaborative process. This process will be a series of collaborative arts-based activities aiming to bring us closer together and inspire awe in life and each other. The arts allows us to live the experience and to be our authentic self with each other.

The benefits

Cultivating an environment that encourages deeper relationship to learn about one another’s strengths and connect through our vulnerabilities.

Growing confidence in oneself and others and being able to share dreams and fears in non-judgemental ways.

Listening to understand one another better which nurtures empathy, compassion and boosts trust.

Engaging in meaningful conversations creates opportunities to bond together, increasing motivation and improving communication.

Developing our listening skills to form appreciation and respect for one another. Promoting collaboration through the exploration of  different perspectives, experience and knowledge.

What we will do

  • Have fun building positive relationships with others
  • Express ourselves in creative ways
  • Share our strengths and trust in the strength of others
  • Explore our inner world of imagination
  • Create an emotional connection with our team


We customise a high purpose session that best suits your team goals. Below are some of the available options.

CONNECTION UNION  2-5 day session

CONNECTION BRIGHT – one day session

CONNECTION SPARK – 3 hour session

Get in touch to learn more about increasing trust and building resilient teams.


I can do things YOU cannot, you can do things I cannot. TOGETHER we can do GREAT things
– Mother Teresa