GRAPHIC FACILITATION – Through the use of visual processes and methods we lead a group or individuals to achieve their goal. Using large wall size sheets of paper and fat markers we help the group “see” what they mean. Thinking out visually on paper creates a feedback loop where visuals “talk” to you. Gaining deep insights into your challenge it  tells you what’s missing, what are the possible connections or what is too close or far from another idea. This is great for:

  • Co-creation solutions
  • Prototyping innovative ideas
  • Group alignment
  • Multi-stakeholder narratives
  • Team building

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TRAININGS – Visual thinking is quickly gaining popularity as a tool to help solve large, complex problems,  discover innovative solutions, capture and share meeting outcomes, learning and visioning. Adding visually-oriented thinking techniques to your skill set is one of the most powerful ways to help in your learning or add value to your work. I give trainings to:

  • Students helping them become active listeners & learners and to remember more.
  • Business professionals who wish to simplify their complex ideas and processes.

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VISUAL STORYTELLING – I create engaging visuals that help your audience “see” what you mean.

  • Hand-crafted explainer videos
  • Impactful presentations

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci