Team Connection

Every team strives for greater trust and collaboration. Yet we get caught up in the monotonous tasks of daily work and often lose focus on our goals and team purpose. We all want to cultivate a resilient team. A team that takes care of each others well-being. A team capable of reframing challenges to face adversity head on. We create meaningful sessions for team members to discover each others strengths and deepen connections to better collaborate and achieve team confidence. We build trust through exploration and expression together in a creative way:

  • Have fun building positive relationships
  • Share our strengths and trust in the strength of others
  • Increase engagement and accountability
  • Create an emotional connection with our team

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Experiential learning design

Experiential learning is an active, learner-centric methodology where learners put knowledge and skills to use through a meaningful and relevant approach. It is an opportunity for learners to immediately grasp and apply what they’ve learnt to solve real-world challenges. This creative learning method promotes teamwork and communication skills. We design and deliver creative experiential learning experiences to deepen the knowledge and promote critical thinking and collaboration:

  • Creative problem-solving
  • High group engagement
  • Mistakes become valuable experiences
  • To work with feedback from others
  • Self management

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Creative Facilitation

Meetings are essential to the growth of any group. But too often a lot of energy is wasted and we walk out feeling like we have not been seen nor heard. Creative facilitation helps keep the group engaged and committed to the purpose of the meeting. By creating a supportive environment a group can explore its own way and collectively take creative risks in achieving a set goal. Through creative collaborative activities we design meetings and events that are imaginative, purposeful and productive.

  • Combining big-picture thinking, storytelling and body movement
  • Thought provoking activities and processes to learn from beyond the comfort zone
  • Collaborative practices tapping into the collective intelligence
  • Creative strategic approaches
  • Graphic recording on paper and digitally

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Visual Thinking Training

Visual thinking is quickly gaining popularity as a tool to help solve large, complex problems,  discover innovative solutions, capture and share meeting outcomes, learning and visioning. Adding visually-oriented thinking techniques to your skill set is one of the most powerful ways to help in your learning or add value to your work. We deliver trainings to:

  • Students helping them become active listeners & learners and to remember more.
  • Business professionals who wish to simplify their complex ideas and processes.

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A good story captures our imagination. And we are constantly telling stories to our customers. They can inform and persuade in a way that facts and reports rarely do as stories are capable of creating a powerful emotional connection. It builds credibility. The best stories are authentic and entertaining. Your audience will want to pass them on. We create your story in the medium that best suits your message:

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci