I have a passion for helping people realise their potential.

As a visual practitioner, it is my goal to broaden the visual field of my clients so that the whole spectrum of possibility become visible. Seeing the big picture helps!

My ambition is to get visual thinking into the hands of everyone: a vital skill for prototyping new ideas, breaking down complexity, effective communication, and for promoting collaboration.

Before life as a visual practitioner I worked for 15+ years in TV, producing countless TV commercials and creative content, working closely with ad agencies and production studios. I thrived in organised chaos and learned how to tell a good story.

Out of the office, I co-organise monthly Open-Mic sessions with the Brussels Musicians’ MeetUp. It’s also a great excuse for me to play my acoustic guitar. And in a way to continue from my multicultural upbringing (I speak Arabic and Greek), I am currently attending a French language course.

I love meeting new people so if you believe that I can be of help or if you’d like to learn more about how seeing the big picture can help your business please get in touch.

A selection of my clients

P.S. from time to time I give interactive talks on how to apply visual thinking into your work and studies. Below is a short video highlighting a series of talks I gave.