Ready to start with visuals?

If you are ready to learn to create basic visual elements to level up your note taking or flip charts, then grab a paper and pen and follow along this video to enhance your learning and group work. Learn to create Frames, Arrows, People, Icons and creative Type – it’s everything you’ll need to “show” what you mean. Download this chart to stay on track

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What is visual thinking?

Visual thinking is a way to organise ideas to be more efficient in our ability to think and communicate. It’s a creative way to simplify complex ideas to make them understandable and memorable.

Visual thinking is quickly gaining popularity as a tool to help solve large, complex problems,  discover innovative solutions, capture and share meeting outcomes, learning and visioning. Adding visually-oriented thinking techniques to your skill set is one of the most powerful ways to help in your learning or add value to your work.

Visual thinking combines the following theories:

  • The Picture Superiority Effect: Symbolising information through the layout of words and images.
  • Spatial Intelligence: The ability to discover meaning by visualising with the mind’s eye.
  • Pattern Recognition: The ability to match information to find connections.

Utilising simple tools like pen and paper and the desire to learn is all it takes to apply visual thinking. I deliver fun informal workshops encouraging participants to practice visual thinking in their lives and work.

You do not need to know how to draw. All you need is a desire to learn and think creatively in a friendly environment.

For students, visual thinking helps:

  • active listening
  • promote learning
  • remembering more

For working professionals, visual thinking helps:

  • deconstruct complex ideas
  • map out ideas to gain deep insights
  • build team alignment

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What do they say about the training?

It surprising how symbols and drawing come spontaneously and allows a clearer thinking process and better work flow. Now every time I have new ideas or a new concept, I try to translate them into visuals instead of words. And the best thing is that it is actually great fun too! I strongly recommend following Christopher’s training as using visual thinking can be helpful for any of your projects. ­ – Janita Govinden, Communication Consultant & Project Manager


We really had a blast with Christopher, a master in visual storytelling. I would never have thought it was so easy to sum up a story by doodling and scribbling on a white sheet of paper. It gives you a broader vision and suddenly makes everything clear and frighteningly easy. ­ – Marie Laenen, Web Content Ninja


This training taught me that you don’t need to be an artist to share ideas visually. I am now convinced that visual tools help create structure and make presentations more understandable with an impact. ­ – Julien Petitjean, Project Engineer


The coolest thing I learned from this fun training was the importance of communicating ideas visually. I realized that visual communication has more benefits than a regular power point presentation or speech. Plus, Christopher is great trainer! – Sinouhe Nunes, Young Professional


The training gave me the confidence to wield the power of a structured design approach to ideation solutions as a definite add­on skill. Will definitely recommend it to my budding entrepreneur friends. This is a skill that can be easily learned and can one­up a formal PowerPoint presentation any day. ­ – Roychowdury Meghdut, Student