The Story-Rama workshop shares how to make a moving panorama called a “crankie” through the creation of a collaborative story. A crankie is an old storytelling art form. In the 19th century they were called “moving panoramas”. It is a long illustrated scroll that is wound onto two spools. The spools are loaded into a box which has a viewing screen. The scroll is hand-cranked while the story is told. It can be accompanied by a narrative, song or musical accompaniment.

Crankie story made out of a recycled cardboard box

The workshop invites collaboration, creativity and communication in a fun and friendly environment. Participants work in small groups exploring their common interests and learn how to structure a basic story.  Producing the story in a panoramic format gives participants an exciting form to express themselves. Finally the story will be presented in a “crankie” box which will be made by the participants using recycled cardboard boxes.


  • Creative expression through art and storytelling
  • Solutions through collaboration
  • Exploring synergies in a group
  • Learn to explore alternatives
  • Have fun with serendipity

Outline of the workshop

  1. Develop a story in small group.
  2. Create a Story-Rama – create scroll and build a crankie box.
  3. Presentation of Story-Rama with narration or music.

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