The Curious Islands

You get to create your very own, true to yourself, magical island. Rich with all the features you desire. But wait, in order to thrive you are going to have to create connections to the other islands. 

The Curious Islands card game is designed to spark curiosity between people. The idea is simple. With a partner choose a question card that ignites the imagination such as: Which band will be playing live music every weekend on your island? What are 3 things visitors to your island will experience when they visit? What is the most magical place on your island?  

The main goal is to create the wackiest connections amongst all the islands you get in touch with. What hidden gems will you discover within the people you’ll meet? 

  • Duration of play: 15min – 1 hour
  • Number of players: 2-10 persons
  • 16+ age group
  • Replayable & Non-competitive
  • Inclusive of various personalities & body abilities
  • Country: Belgium
  • Game authors Christopher Malapitan & Kasia Skuratowicz

Launching on 4th November 2021 at KIKK Festival

About the authors

Kasia Skuratowicz is a sociologist and facilitator based in Brussels. She supports teams to strategize, design and implement international and local innovative educational programs and to create organizational culture based on inclusion, authenticity, ownership over work and human connection. She also curates educational curricula addressing 21st century skills for kindergarten to college level children and youth. She is a life-long learner who embraces the growth mindset.

Christopher Malapitan is an independent creative facilitator and trainer based in Brussels. With many years of experience working in creative industries, he supports communities and teams to explore and unlock what drives them. From big-picture thinking to storytelling, from body movement to collaborative arts-based approaches, he applies a unique blend of innovative processes and practises to his facilitation and training work.