Clients Speak

Chris Malapitan accompanied WeMove Europe through a year of a strategy process supporting us with facilitation of the big team moments, helping us to set up a participatory process and to work through difficult knotty issues that we needed to come to decisions on within the scope of the strategy.  I knew Chris already from an amazing movement retreat he had organised in Belgium.

Chris has that rare and invaluable skill of being able to connect the humans inside a team towards amazing outcomes. Through a range of creative, fun and really well thought through methodologies, he manages to get individuals and teams to go beyond heads to hearts. He helped us so much to establish trust in our team which was precisely the currency we needed in a challenging and ultimately rewarding process of building a new vision and strategy for our organisation.

The team strategy week he facilitated for us in Feb 2019 stands out as a moment when our team truly came together around our mission. Beyond the sparkle he brought to the room in our strategy meetings, he was extremely thorough and reliable in the pre and post stages of preparation and follow up. Once we took him through the basics – our history, our objectives were and who was going to be in the room, he worked independently and quickly to come up with brilliant ways for us to inspire and drive the team to be the best version of itself in a pretty key moment of our history together.

I will look forward to the next time we get to work with him!

Laura Sullivan 
Executive Director at WeMove